I’m Recovering From a Hack

Hey, everyone.

When I sat down to publish Tuesday’s post, I was greeted with an eerie page letting me know that I had been hacked. I got the same feeling I had when my bike was stolen in junior high.

The genius that I am, I didn’t set up my database backup plugins, so I had to rebuild the site. It’s almost done, and I hope to be back on posting schedule soon.

I especially look forward to letting you know what this experience has taught me!

Thanks for your patience.



  1. saw what had happened – my sympathies for the work and man hours this cost you. but we’re ready to see you back online!

  2. Thanks for your kind post, Mark. I appreciate your encouragement very much!

  3. Brother–so bummed to see you were hacked. I just got on to look up and apply some of your early posts on organizing online resources, etc, to find they were gone! I need some help in these areas, brother. Looking forward to seeing them again. BL

    • Sorry you missed those articles! I make sure those are among the first to come back out.