Salient Sound Bites From Al Mohler at The Gospel Coalition

Al Mohler kicked off the offical Gospel Coalition Conference with a message titled, “Studying the Scriptures and Finding Jesus,” from John 5:31-47. His point was that Christians must read the Old Testament, and see the redemption of Christ that is written into it. Here are some quotes I wrote down during the message. I don’t guarantee that they are perfect (I wrote as fast as I could!) but they are close.

“The absence of biblical preaching – gospel preaching – explains why we have so many moralistic therapeutic deists among our young people.”

“It is perfectly possible for people to search the Scriptures and read teh law, but miss the p oint…you cannot read teh law, psalms, or prophets without reading of Jesus.”

“We don’t look to the OT merely for the background to Christ, but to find Christ.”

“Jesus doesn’t say this is an intellectual problem…it’s moral, theological, and spiritual…they don’t seek Christ, and Jesus indicts the Pharisees for not listening to Moses.”

“We often hear about New Testament Christianity…Jesus says there is Old Testament Christianity.”

“There are Marcionites in our pews, and many of our pulpits.”

“Our biggest problem is our ignorance and neglect of the OT. To many Christians, pastors, and preachers the OT is a foreign country.”

“How impoverished is the preaching and malnurished are the people where the preacher considers the NT the Christian Scriptures.”

“Moralizing the OT is a Jewish-Christian form of Aesops fables.”

“It’s not wrong to point out morals, it is just tragic to end there…we have to point out the redemptive point.”

“The problem with moral preaching is that it tells people what they want to hear: that by moral improvement they can please God.”

You can listen to the whole thing at here.