A New Series Starts Tomorrow: The Anatomy of An Effective Sermon

Have you ever walked up to the pulpit with (what you thought was) an awesome sermon, only to preach it to disinterested gazes?

Have you ever walked up to the pulpit with (what you thought was) a lame sermon, only hear several responses of, “That really blessed me, pastor!”

Don’t our people know an effective (or ineffective) sermon when they hear one?!

Do we?

Tomorrow we’re starting a new series: The Anatomy of an Effective Sermon.

The title of this series is a bit risky. It implies that we can manufacture effective sermons if we put the right pieces together.

I don’t want to communicate that we can turn our desk into an assembly line and crank out sermons a la Henry Ford circa 1915.

However, there are components that make some sermons more effective than others. I’d like to point them out, and show you how (I think) they have helped me become a better preacher.

There will be six posts in this series:

1. Are You Overlooking the Most Essential Element of an Effective Sermon?

2. Introductions: 3 Things That Will Get Your Sermon Off to an Effective Start

3. Preach a Sermon Your Audience Can Actually Follow

4. 3 Types of Effective Sermon Illustrations and How to Use Them

5. Keep Your Audience Engaged: What Movies Can Teach Pastors About Effective Transitions

6. No Trailing Off! How to Conclude Your Sermons with Power