Are You a Hard Worker Or a Long Worker?

Do you pride yourself in the number of hours you log each week? It makes you feel like a hard worker. But what are you doing during all those hours? Are you actually working hard? Or does getting ministry done take so long because you spend all day avoiding the hard work of pastoral ministry?

Seth Godin has some words for hard work avoiders:

“Long work is what the lawyer who bills 14 hours a day filling in forms does.

Hard work is what the insightful litigator does when she synthesizes four disparate ideas and comes up with an argument that wins the case–in less than five minutes…

Hard work is frightening. We shy away from hard work because inherent in hard work is risk. Hard work is hard because you might fail. You can’t fail at long work, you merely show up. You fail at hard work when you don’t make an emotional connection, or when you don’t solve the problem or when you hesitate…

It seems, though that no matter how much long work you do, you won’t produce the benefits of hard work unless you are willing to leap.”

What scary, risky, high potential avenues of gospel ministry could you pursue if worked hard instead of long?