The Key to Being a Humble Theologian

I met Joe Thorn at the Band of Bloggers gathering at the Gospel Coalition, and received a free copy of his recent book, Note to Self. He’s a really cool guy, and I couldn’t wait to read his book. However, my wife stole it from me when I brought the book home.

Now that she has finished it, I finally get a turn. As I skimmed the table of contents, I was immediately drawn to the note entitled, “Be Humble in Your Theology.”

Thorn writes to himself (and us):

You may be known as a theologian, or at least want to be known as one, but are you also known as being humble? These two things should be inseparable. The more robust, the more detailed your theology, the more humble you should become. Why? Because you did not figure God out; he revealed himself to you…

The proud theologian has somehow convinced himself, or at least acts as if, he discovered God. But  you understand that you did not uncover the truth of God like some kind of rock star archeologist…Humility should be borne out in your theology because you are so entirely dependent on God for it” (Note to Self, 54-55).