10 Reasons You Aren’t Done With Sunday’s Sermon Yet

Do you want to stop burning the midnight oil on Saturday night? I’m actually not sure what that phrase means, but my 8th grade English teacher said it all the time.

Michael Hyatt lists 10 obstacles to getting important things done. These are just the headings; he provides an explanation of each pitfall. Any of these strike a bit too close to home?

1. Too many meetings

2. Mindlessly surfing the web

3. Being distracted by online pings

4. Allowing people to drop in without an agenda

5. Being consumed by the urgent

6. Being a perfectionist

7. Refusing to delegate

8. Not starting the day with a to-do list

9. Not committing to an end time

10. Not scheduling time to work

Bonus! Constantly checking email. It falls into #5, but it is big enough of a distraction to deserve a category of its own.

I think #10 is the key to all of them. We have to set aside adequate time to do our most important work (for pastors, that is preaching, right?). That means valiantly protecting it from these time wasting marauders.


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