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Grow in Faith, Hope, and Love by Meditating on the Gospel – Past, Present, and Future

  “Grow in Faith, Hope, and Love by Meditating on the Gospel – Past, Present, and Future” is another guest post for the blog of my friend, Chris Castaldo (Chris is suffering for the Lord on a ministry trip to Hawaii). Chris is the author of Holy Ground: Walking with Jesus as a Former Catholic.  […]

A Rich, but Simple Model for Sharing the Gospel

Over the next week, I’m guest blogging for my friend, Chris Castaldo. Chris is the author of Holy Ground: Walking with Jesus as a Former Catholic (Zondervan, 2009), and he is the Director for the Ministry of Gospel Renewal at Wheaton College. His role at Wheaton is to train evangelicals to reach the millions of what he […]

Relief for Pastors Stressed-Out by Their Complex Job

Stress is an inevitable byproduct of the complex nature of the pastor’s job. The pastor has three jobs, not one: he’s a prophet, a priest, and a king. If every pastor were honest, he would admit that one of those jobs brings more stress than the others. Which role – prophet, priest, or king – […]

A Gospel-Centered Philosophy of Youth Ministry

My partner in crime, Jon Nielson, just finished a three-part series on youth ministry at The Gospel Coalition Blog. Jon draws a balance between two extreme approaches to youth ministry: 1) the approach that isolates the youth ministry from the rest of the church, and 2) the approach that eliminates youth ministry in order to […]

6 Rules for Using Quotes in Sermons

When you use a quote in a sermon, do you have a reason, or do you use quotes because pastors are “supposed to”? Do you quote with intentionality? Perhaps the best question of all: do you waste a ton of time digging through magazines, commentaries, and puritan paperbacks looking for just the right quote for […]

What the Letter to Philemon Teaches About Forgiveness

I had the privilege to preach in the main service at my church last Sunday. I have done several evening services, but this was my first time in front of everyone. Multiple services are exhausting! My sermon was on Paul’s Letter to Philemon, and was entitled, “The Unique Characteristic of Christian Forgiveness.” It’s on the […]

5 Resources to Check Out to Improve Your Application in Your Sermons

A reader emailed me last week with a question about doing application in sermons. I bet many preachers have the same question as Glenn (published with his permission): Hi Eric, I read your post about preaching like Mark Driscoll without sounding like him. You mentioned that Driscoll’s applications are very specific, and I’m wondering if you could […]

Why Pastoral Work Is So Complex (And Why You Shouldn’t Try to Simplify It)

Pastoral ministry is the most difficult job in the world. I don’t think that’s an overstatement. One contributing factor to this is the complexity of the job of a pastor. There are lots of bad ways to deal with the complexity of pastoral ministry. You could put in more hours. You could cut down on […]

How to Preach Like Mark Driscoll Without Sounding Like Him

I hope that you’re taking advantage of today’s media in order to improve your preaching. It used to be that if you wanted to be exposed to a great preacher, all you could do was read their sermons. Now we can listen to them on our iPods and watch them online. In this post, we’ll […]

John Piper Says Efficiency Is a Non-Negotiable for Pastoral Leadership

Wait, John Piper thinks efficiency is important? Doesn’t he only care about prayer, preaching, theology, and scholarship? These things aren’t mutually exclusive, my friends. On the contrary, efficient habits are the bridge to the land of effective pastoral leadership. “A leader does not like clutter. He likes to know where and when things are for quick […]

Most Popular Posts So Far in 2011

If you’re new to Pastoralized, here’s the seven most popular posts of the year, in order: 1. A Not-Famous Pastor’s Take on the Evangelical Hollywood 2. Pastoral Ministry and Strengths-Based Leadership 3. 7 Prayer Lists You Already Have 4. Get Rid of Inefficient Sermon Prep with Preaching Templates, Part 1 5. 10 Questions You Better Be Ready to Answer at […]