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Why Jesus Called Himself “Son of Man” Instead of “Messiah”

Thomas Schreiner explains: “Why did Jesus use the title ‘Son of Man’ so often and in comparison, relatively speaking, the title ‘Messiah’ so little? We have seen that the title ‘Messiah’ was apt to be understood in militaristic and political terms, contrary to Jesus’ mission. The term ‘Son of Man,’ on the other hand, was […]

How to Help Your Youth Pastor Become a Mature Pastor

Caricatures of youth pastors are comical, even if they are unfair. Ignatius tops the list, but I bet you could imagine your own. The funny thing is, from rock stars to game experts, there are few youth pastor stereotypes that include pastoral responsibilities. “I think youth ministry perpetuates my immaturity,” one youth pastor friend told […]

3 Ways Good Churches Slip Into Man-Centered Worship

Man-centered worship happens in the best of churches. It happens in yours and mine, even though we don’t intend it. It’s a manifestation of the sin that so easily entangles us. True worship is a response to what God has done for us in Christ, by his Spirit. It is a demonstration of thanksgiving to […]

Are You Getting Enough Rest?

Hacking our non-omnipotence is one of the most important things for us pastors to learn. We have a job that includes too much for us to do. The goal of our job – the salvation and sanctification of people – is something that we cannot attain, in and of ourselves. And our work never, ever, […]

3 Quick Changes That Can Add 30 Minutes to Your Day

How much more could you accomplish with an extra thirty minutes a day? Would you tackle those conference-discounted theological tomes that still enjoy crisp binding and clean margins? Would you follow up with the names on your lists to call or visit? Would you brainstorm new ministry opportunities? The only way to get more time […]

5 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Church By Thinking More Like a Church Plant

Brandon Levering has a great article at The Gospel Coalition entitled, “5 Ways Established Churches Should Think Like Plants.” If you’re looking for ways to reinvigorate the gospel impact of the church, you would do well to shift into the five church plant mentalities Brandon lists: 1. Church plants clearly define their mission and keep it […]