Are You Getting Enough Rest?

Photo by Chemtec at stock.xchng

Hacking our non-omnipotence is one of the most important things for us pastors to learn. We have a job that includes too much for us to do. The goal of our job – the salvation and sanctification of people – is something that we cannot attain, in and of ourselves. And our work never, ever, ever ends.

Yet, we act like we can do it all. And it’s not until we burn out that we remember we have to rely and the strength and sovereignty of God (Col. 1:28-29).

I’m looking at the Atlantic Ocean as I type this. I have seen two sunrises, and I’m looking forward to three more. It’s amazing how therapeutic this is.

This little getaway has caused me to realize that I’m not getting enough rest these days. I’m trying to do too much.

The thing is, unless we plan to rest, we probably won’t.

I read two articles this morning that reinforced the fact that I need to plan to rest. Brian Croft and Darryl Dash have expressed the pastor’s need for Sabbath very well here and here, respectively. I hope they encourage (and exhort) you, too.