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Why There Is No Excuse for Avoiding Theological Rigor

Pastors and congregants alike often use the “we will never fully know” excuse to marginalize the practical value of certain theological topics. This trump card brings to a screeching halt conversations about eschatology or the relationship between divine sovereignty and human freedom. But just because we can’t fully know something, does that mean we shouldn’t […]

How Each Chapter of the Book of Ruth Points to Jesus

How do you appropriately and accurately preach Jesus from the Old Testament? Every pastor faces this challenge, if he wants to preach the whole counsel of God to his congregation. Many fall prey to the fallacy of pointing to Jesus in the Old Testament. They see something that reminds them of the gospel or the […]

7 Ways to Become an Entrepreneurial Pastor (Without Becoming a Risk-Taker or a Businessman)

More and more these days, we are hearing that successful pastors, especially church planters, need to be entrepreneurial. But what does that mean exactly? What does it not mean? In a previous post on this topic, I pointed to renowned business and management author, Peter Drucker, for a definition of entrepreneurship. He says an entrepreneur […]

What It Means to Be an Entrepreneurial Pastor

Entrepreneurship is one of the new, hot characteristics pastors are claiming for themselves. But many operate, I am afraid, on the wrong definition of an entrepreneur. Because they focus more on personality than skills, more and more pastors are slapping an “E” on their uniform, but can’t play ball. What entrepreneurship really is The entrepreneurial […]

4 Steps to Get Back on Track with Organization and Productivity

Pastors are most likely to start a new year disorganized. The holidays are a busy time personally, and in the life of the church. Do you need to get back on track? The problem is that ministry doesn’t slow down. We need a simple process that will get us back into organizational shape without a […]

How to Preach Like John Piper Without Sounding Like Him

What’s the difference between someone who wants to be a great preacher and someone who wants to preach great? I’m sure there’s lots, but one thing that comes to mind is hubris. The desire to be a great preacher is a desire for a reputation or popularity. On the other hand, the desire to preach well […]