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Strengthen Your Pastoral Counseling: 7 Book Recommendations

David Powlison, in his article “The Pastor as Counselor,” recommends these seven books for pastors who want to strengthen their counseling ministry: Pastoral Care by Gregory the Great The Reformed Pastor and (for the overly ambitious) Christian Directory ( 5 vols.) by Richard Baxter Pastoral Counsel by Thomas Oden Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer Powlison also recommends reading fiction because, […]

When Your Neat Office Is a Bad Thing

It’s a mistake to say that neatness, organization, and productivity are all synonymous. You might not be able to discern this from the desktop organization aisle at Office Depot. Organization and productivity must go together, but they are not the same thing. It’s the difference between keeping your tools in the toolbox (organization), so that […]

Shepherd Links – 2/25

It was a fairly plentiful harvest of links this week. Here’s what made the cut. Prophet Links Damn All False Antitheses to Hell D.A. Carson tells compartmentalists how it is, in true D.A. style. Give Up the Gimmicks, Youth Pastors Your Theological System Should Tell You How to Exegete The article is more balanced than […]

Why Sermon Illustrations Do More than Entertain

From Bryan Chapell in Using Illustrations to Preach with Power (14-15): The mind yearns for, and needs, the concrete to anchor the abstract. To say that illustrations aid the intellect, however, does not mean that they are merely a congnitive crutch. Illustrations are not supplemental to good exposition; they are a necessary form of exposition […]

Do You Use “Gospel” as an Adjective More Often than a Noun?

Did you know that you can make anything gospel-centered just by adding the word “gospel” in front of it? There is contextualization. But then there’s gospel contextualization. There is church growth. But then there’s gospel growth. There are the arts. But then there are gospel arts. Gospel centrality has morphed from a movement to a culture. […]

Shepherd Links – 2/18

Prophet Links What are the Top 10 Biblical Priorities for Every Pastor? Easily Edified Priest Links Hearing the Beat of Your Community Your Ministry is Not Your Identity 7 Lessons from the Community of the Disabled King Links “Father Hunger” in Leading the Church Web Apps I Use Rebuilding a Healthy Schedule

Shepherd Links – 2/11

This is the first installment of a new series here at Pastoralized: Shepherd Links. Throughout the week, I will collect links that pertain primarily to the pastoral roles of prophet, priest, and king, and then publish them on Saturday. These are called Shepherd Links because true shepherding takes place where the roles of the prophet, […]

10 Reasons Why Physical Books Are Still Better Than Digital Books

After 8 months of experimenting with digital books on my iPad (got a nice deal buying it refurbished from the Apple site), I’ve determined that I still like physical books more. Here’s ten reasons why. 1. Physical books never run low on batteries. 2. Much more efficiently than with digital books, you can put your […]

What Theological Theme Holds the NT’s Center of Gravity?

From Greg Beale’s New Testament Biblical Theology (179-180, my italics): The beginning of the new-creational reign is understood as Christ’s life, especially his death, resurrection, and ongoing ascended resurrection existence and rule, so that he is a formative microcosmic model that determines the nature and destiny of people, and the rest of creation, on a macrocosmic scale. […]