Shepherd Links – 2/25

It was a fairly plentiful harvest of links this week. Here’s what made the cut.

Prophet Links

Damn All False Antitheses to Hell D.A. Carson tells compartmentalists how it is, in true D.A. style.

Give Up the Gimmicks, Youth Pastors

Your Theological System Should Tell You How to Exegete The article is more balanced than the title sounds, but I would read the “Text And Framework” section of the Simeon Trust’s principles of exposition alongside DeYoung’s article.

Priest Links

Announcement Time: A Highlight of Worship?

Why Pray If God Knows Everything and Has Planned Everything You may also substitute “Why Vote” and “Why Evangelize” for “Why Pray” and I think you’ll get similarly helpful answers.

An Open Letter To Praise Bands An article by someone who is not cynical about praise bands. Here’s one person’s thoughtful, considerate response.

Getting Through Challenges to Missional Community

King Links

7 Characteristics of the Bottlenecked Leader Hint: it’s not a good thing.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret

10 Signs You’re an Insecure Leader Guilty as charged.

4 Reasons Leaders Should Pray