Shepherd Links – 3/17

Prophet Links

The Theological Commons A digital library of 50,022 books on theology and religion.

How does a pastor encourage the elderly, while teaching the younger in his congregation?

Actually, the Crack Cocaine of Acceptance Being addicted to acceptance, as a preacher, will reduce your freedom in preaching.

Priest Links

Should I Divorce If I’m Miserable?

King Links

The 5 Types of Work that Fill Your Day “Fill” as in “Take up the time that productive work should be taking.”

5 Leadership Mistakes from the Galactic Empire Who ever said you couldn’t learn anything about ministry from Star Wars? Or Forbes?

20 Essential TED Talks for Future Leaders

Mars Hill Internships and Lead Pastor Residency If your looking for a template on how to kick-start training at your church, there is a lot for you to learn hear. Poke around and check out the descriptions of their programs, qualifications, goals, timeframe, etc.

The Relationship Between Vision and Productivity