Shepherd Links – 3/24

Prophet Links

Creativity, Excellence…and Patience Good news for those of you who are regularly disappointed in your preaching. Keep at it. You’ll improve over time.

Half Are Always Below Average But remember the most of us will be average preachers, if that.

Dr. Mohler’s 2012 Book Recommendations for Preachers

The Challenge of Preaching Christ in Genesis This is how preaching Christ from the OT is done, folks.

Old Testament Narratives as Pictures, Windows, and Mirrors

Priest Links

When God Launched a New Ministry How might the gospel go forward through your church if you built a ministry to the disabled?

The Pastor’s Wife is a Pastor’s Wife Don’t let your congregation set the expectations for how your wife is involved in your church.

Husbands, Love Your Wives More than Seminary How a seminarian’s pursuit of an M. Div. cost him his marriage. If you are out of seminary, then apply this to ministry.

King Links

Why the Church has a Shortage of Leaders Read this and be brutally honest as to whether or not your church is a place where leaders can thrive.

Should a Pastor Evaluate His Ministry by Numbers?

On that note…Why Are Leaders So Obsessed with Church Size?

How to Run an Elders’ Meeting May I also recommend Death By Meeting by Patrick Lencioni.

The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is the cardinal sin of productivity, not the highest virtue.