Shepherd Links – 4/14

Prophet Links

4 Guideposts for Reading the Song of Solomon Scholars who disagree on much of the Song all agree it is a tough text. Thus, we need a guide to uncoil its complexities, solve its riddles, and find that lost key to unlock its door.

What Did the Original Readers Think the Gospels Were? A quick, helpful video.

Why Leviticus Can Be Boring Hopefully understanding a bit more about the book will make it a bit more interesting.

Learning from Liberals We can, and we must.

Priest Links

Are You Tired of Your Boring Church? Didn’t mean to get on a “boring” kick. Just kinda worked out that way.

In God’s Name How to think about politics theologically.

King Links

Everything You Need To Know About Innovation You Learned In Grade School That said grade school. Not grad school.

How to Raise Up Young Leaders It doesn’t happen automatically.

Why the Missional Church Isn’t Enough An much needed reminder that being “on mission” must include targeting the unreached around the world.