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13 Gospel-Centered Catch Phrases and 29 Bible Verses that Support Them

This post is a follow up from my previous post, “Are Your Gospel-Centered Catch Phrases Biblical?” I’ve provided thirteen examples of gospel-centered catch phrases below, along with verses from the Bible that express the idea the phrase is meant to communicate. Remember, a gospel-centered catch phrase is one that connects “gospel” (as an adjective) with […]

Are Your Gospel-Centered Catch Phrases Biblical?

Have you noticed that the Reformed vernacular has shifted from biblical language to gospel-centered language? Not that it has completely shifted. But, if you’re like me, lately you’ve heard the phrase “gospel joy” more often than, “rejoice in the Lord always.” What is a gospel-centered catch phrase? To go super nerdy on you, a gospel-centered […]

Shepherd Links – 5/26

Prophet Links How Preaching is the Spark Plugs of the Church Sermon Prep: A Week in One Life Here’s a dude whose schedule proves that preaching is his top priority, but leaves a lot of space open for other ministry tasks, too. Three Cheers for “Moralistic” Applications of the OT For everyone gulping the gospel-centered […]

40 Lessons I’ve Learned About Preaching After My 400th Sermon

One of the joys of preaching is that it presents the challenge of getting better every week. Here are the top 40 ways I’m trying to raise my game based on the preaching experience the Lord has graciously provided me. 1. Progress. You don’t have everything about preaching figured out after 400 sermons. You’re just getting started. […]

Shepherd Links – 5/19

Prophet Links Six Bullet Points on Preaching 5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Preaching Random Thoughts on Communication Driscoll gives a lot of tips on preaching in this video. Priest Links Your Ministry Is Not Your Identity I can’t be reminded of this enough. Embracing the Biblical Tension Between Family and Church Ministry King Links […]

What Cover Songs Can Teach Us about Doing Application in Our Preaching

The weekly task of the pastor is to take what the Bible meant back then and show how, when taken to heart, it changes everything in the here and now. Easier said than done, especially in passages that don’t explicitly command or call to repent. If homiletics is the art and science of proclaiming the […]

3 Reasons to Say “You” More Often in Your Sermons

Saying “you” in sermons has become uncomfortable for preachers. Like third grade teachers who switch from red to green pens, many preachers are afraid of coming across too strong. What I mean by saying “you” in a sermon is that the preacher uses “you” to make it obvious that his exhortation is aimed directly at […]

Shepherd Links – 5/12

Prophet Why Theology and Youth Ministry Seldom Mix My goal in youth ministry is to prove, not only that they do, but they must. What Sermon Prep Really Looks Like Brutal honesty from Kevin DeYoung. 5 Recommended Books on Preaching Priest The Main Reason Christians Grow So Slowly King The Recipe for a Successful Pastor “A […]

Why Seth Godin Might Be More Pastoral Than You

There are two kinds of pastors in the world: those who are good at following up, and those who aren’t. Which one are you? Before you claim to be at the “good” level, let me set the standard. The time I emailed Seth Godin Before I launched this blog, I read a lot of Seth […]

How to Preach Like Phil Ryken and Duane Litfin Without Sounding Like Them

Ever wondered how to preach like a Wheaton College president? This spring, Phil Ryken and Duane Litfin each gave a seminar on preaching for our pastors and pastoral residents at my church. Both men are seasoned and gifted preachers, in addition to being the current and former presidents of Wheaton College, respectively. Each presentation was […]

Shepherd Links – 5/5

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Prophet Links A Call and Agenda for Pastor-Theologians A good summary of why this blog exists: “In this day when many pastors lead non-theologically, and academics work in a way that is lost on the people of God, we need pastor-theologians who can minister the Word in ways that edify the […]

The Value of Sermon Introductions: How to Stop Giving Your Congregation Theological Whiplash

Too often pastors start their sermons full speed ahead. This is a negative result of a good thing. There is a resurgence of theologically mindful young pastors who are eager to get their congregations excited about the deep things of God. We don’t need less of that. That said, over eagerness will cause a pastor […]