Shepherd Links – 5/5

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Prophet Links

A Call and Agenda for Pastor-Theologians A good summary of why this blog exists: “In this day when many pastors lead non-theologically, and academics work in a way that is lost on the people of God, we need pastor-theologians who can minister the Word in ways that edify the saints and offer a winsome public witness to the goodness, truth, and beauty of the Lord and his will for us.”

Whither the Seminary Model? A response, actually more of an addition to, the article above.

15 Ways to Improve Clarity in Your Preaching

Priest Links

Prayer is Hard Work The hardest part of being a pastor, if you ask me.

Why “Quantity Time” with Your Kids is Necessary for “Quality Time” with Them I almost stopped following Driscoll on Twitter one day, thinking to myself, “All he does is tweet about what he’s doing with his family.” Then it occurred to me that he did it on purpose, to show all the pastors who follow him the importance of being a family man first, pastor second.

The 10 Warning Signs of an Inwardly Obsessed Church Is your church too self-focused to be missional?

King Links

6 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout David Murray launched me right back into my exercise regimen with this gem!

The 4 Things I Want to Know About My Staff Has nothing to do with accounting exactly for how their hours are being allocated.

The Pastor’s “To-Do” and “Not To-Do” List