Shepherd Links – 5/26

Prophet Links

How Preaching is the Spark Plugs of the Church

Sermon Prep: A Week in One Life Here’s a dude whose schedule proves that preaching is his top priority, but leaves a lot of space open for other ministry tasks, too.

Three Cheers for “Moralistic” Applications of the OT For everyone gulping the gospel-centered Kool Aid.

Priest Links

4 Biblical Reasons to Serve in the Ministries of the Church I really liked this little article. It’s by my boss.

7 Thoughts on Church Discipline Could have been titled, “7 Ways Church Discipline is Different from What You’d Expect.”

King Links

Why ABC Priority Codes Don’t Work For anyone still using Covey’s productivity system

Why the Leadership Movement is Leaving Your Church Leaderless

Hire Staff Proactively, Not Reactively For those of you about to make staffing decisions