Shepherd Links – 6/2

Prophet Links

How Can I Know If I’m Called to Preach Spurgeon said that if you can avoid going into ministry, stay away. Here’s your chance.

Pastors Pursuing a Ph. D.? Some things to consider before you bite that bullet.

What Shall I Preach on Next? This article reflects several important priorities for edifying pulpit ministry.

Priest Links

Cultivating Private Prayer as a Pastor Is there any task harder than this in pastoral ministry?

Thinking Theologically About Depression: Its Causes and Cures

Life Before Death: The Antidote to Spiritual Restlessness If you find yourself bored in ministry, or in the midst of a transition (especially if the next step hasn’t presented itself yet), you will be helped by this article.

King Links

Advice to Young Leaders If you are young, and a leader, then read this. Read it if you are not-so-young, too.

The Best Social Media Tip I Can Give You Considering putting yourself or your church “out there” into Twitter, Facebook, etc.? This will help you hone your strategy.