Shepherd Links – 6/9

Before I get to the links, I’d like to share some exciting news! My wife and I welcomed our third child into our family on Thursday. Our new daughter is beautiful and healthy, and Mom is doing great! We now have children of ages 3 1/2, 1 1/2, and 2 days. Yikes. Pray for us!

That’s enough daddy bragging (for now). On with the links!

Prophet Links

The Cure for the Boring Sermon Justin Taylor links to a couple Kevin DeYoung messages that answer the question, “How can a biblical sermon be boring?”

Recovering From Preaching Preaching is draining work. Here are some thoughts on how to recover.

The Hunt for the Good Sermon Interesting article at the Wall Street Journal. Would this person’s quest stop at your church?

Priest Links

The Country Parson Tim Keller says the best place to learn to be a pastor is in a rural, small church setting.

MUST READ: Rural Ministry is Not Second Rate Jared Wilson launches off of Keller’s article with a manifesto of his own.

How does a pastor deal with people who try to monopolize his time after Sunday services?

King Links

7 Keys to Preventing Pastoral Burnout “I have the incredible opportunity to interact with pastors regularly. In recent conversations, I asked two questions. First, have you ever experienced burnout in your ministry? Second, what do you do to prevent pastoral burnout?”

Advice to Young Leaders, Part 2 I especially like #1 in this this list.

Are You Missional? 10 Diagnostic Questions This article will be relieving for some people who feel convicted about not sharing the gospel enough. For others, it will be an overdue kick in the pants.