Shepherd Links – 7/21

Prophet Links

Pastors: Fight for the Time to Read! The longer you’re in ministry, the more responsibility you assume, and the harder it is to find time to read.

Preventing Heresy in Your Small Group Preventing heresy is usually a good thing.

Priest Links

7 Tips for Preaching a Stranger’s Funeral

You Might Be Envious If… Not that pastors struggle with this at all. But, you know, your congregation might.

The Single Best Book on Christian Suffering Available

But What If I Don’t Feel Saved?

King Links

Ministry: It’s Not About You Let go of the “American Success Model” so you can be a real leader.

10 Questions Every Leader Should Be Asking You probably are not asking  yourself these questions. This was a valuable prompt for me to evaluate my habits as a leader.

Your Desk Is Making You Stupid I recently switch to a stand up desk because of studies like this.

21 Things They Don’t Tell You About Church Planting


  1. Eric,

    You linked the article about sitting make people stupid and said that you have a stand desk. I am looking into getting a stand up desk as well and was just wondering if you could recommend a particular brand/make/model? Do you have a desk that moves up and down that can either be a sit down or stand up desk?

    Thanks, and as always–I enjoy your blogging.


    • Eric McKiddie says:

      Dan, thanks for the comment. The one I put together is a combination of a couple Ikea DIY designs from I’ve been meaning to take some pictures and post about here. You’ve given me a prompt to do so sooner than later!