4 Inspiring Ministry Quotes from Piper, Spurgeon, Lloyd-Jones, and Kent Hughes

I had the honor of guest posting at Zach Nielsen’s blog this week (one of my fave’s), sending him excerpts of books on pastoral ministry that have impacted me. I’ve linked to all four below, for your Friday reading pleasure.

(By the way, if you dig jazz music, be sure to check out Zach’s jazz page while you’re over there. The videos make great background music while you’re in the office. And it wouldn’t hurt to support a bi-vocational church planter by buying his album.)

(That plug for his music was not part of our agreement for my guest posts!)

John Piper on Exalted Preaching

John Piper gives seven practical suggestions to cultivate gravity and gladness in your preaching.

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Charles Spurgeon on How Pastors Can Better Connect with the Men in Their Church

Spurgeon says:

“I am persuaded that one reason why our workingmen so universally keep clear of ministers is because they abhor their artificial and unmanly ways. If they saw us, in the pulpit and out of it, acting like real men, and speaking naturally, like honest men, they would come around us.”

Then Spurgeon gives seven ways for pastors to improve their conversation with the men of their church.

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D. Martin Lloyd-Jones on Why Expository Preaching is the Best Church Growth Model

D. Martin Lloyd-Jones answers the objection that people won’t come to your church if you preach the Bible:

“The answer is that they will come, and that they do come when it is true preaching…This may be slow work; it often is; it is a long-term policy. But my whole contention is that it works, that it pays, and that it is honored, and must be, because it is God’s own method.”

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Kent Hughes: A Call to Be People of the Book

In their book, Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome, Kent and Barbara Hughes define success in ministry as faithfulness, and connect faithfulness to being full of God’s Word.

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