Shepherd Links – 8/11

Prophet Links

Does Proverbs Teach “the Health, Wealth, and Prosperity Gospel?” Loved this line: “There’s an eternity of difference between the Prosperity Gospel and Gospel Prosperity. Let me give you five statements that will help clarify that difference.”

5 Things We Do Today Instead of Preach the Word

3 Questions Every Preacher/Teacher Should Ask When Studying You may not be asking yourself these important questions to guide your preparation.

Priest Links

C.S. Lewis on the Three Parts of Morality Lewis give a couple metaphors that provide a framework for understanding our actions. Helpful for guiding your counseling sessions.

An Interview with Bob Kauflin

King Links

Patrick Lencioni on Building a Healthy Organization Lencioni is one of my favorite leadership authors. His thoughts are just as applicable to church leadership as business leadership.

20 Things to Look for in a Good Right Hand Man Driscoll on the make up of a quality executive pastor.

Desktop Arsenal: 10 Tools We Can’t Live Without I was pretty jealous of the headphones.