Introducing a New Way to Improve Your Preaching at Pastoralized

Nothing helps you grow as a preacher like having a real conversation with a real person about a real sermon that you are going to preach.

This summer I piloted a Sermon Coaching program that proved extremely helpful to those who participated. With an actual sermon on the line, the tailor-made advice and personal connection pushed each preacher to the next level.

Talking with preachers about their sermon work was an absolute blast for all who were involved.

I’m excited to announce that this service is now open to everyone.

Get Feedback Before You Preach

Each coaching experience consists of working on the next sermon you will preach. This gives you immediate, tangible ways to grow as a preacher.

I’m not a peanut gallery for your podcast. Would you rather get advice on what you should have done or what you can do?

By looking at a sermon you have yet to preach, you are empowered to take action toward making your sermon better right away.

Find Out More about Sermon Coaching

If you are interested in exploring Sermon Coaching, visit my Sermon Coaching page by clicking here.

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