Shepherd Links – 8/25

Prophet Links

Kingdom through Covenant: A Biblical Middle Way? An interview with the authors of what is proving to be a step forward in the conversation regarding dispensational and covenant theology.

John Frame’s Advice: 30 Suggestions for Theological Students and Young Theologians

The God Conversation: Using Stories and Illustrations to Explain Your Faith Only $2.99 on Kindle, for a limited time.

Priest Links

Church Practices and Public Life: The Public Implications of Church Discipline A great point from the article: “Declarations of heresy and excommunication happen every day—more often outside than inside of explicitly religious community. A business group disassociates a member with shoddy practices. A trade union removes a member who doesn’t support the collective decisions. A political party kicks out a member who criticizes it in public.

Excommunication happens every day. And so, the question that forms the debate regarding church excommunication is not the fact but rather the manner and basis of its occurrence. The question really is one that hinges on the church’s counter-cultural understanding of authority.”

Hospitality in the Church Matters

5 Marks of Transformational Small Groups

King Links

How to Run a Problem-Solving Meeting Because churches are notoriously bad at these.

Three Leadership Traits that Never Go Out of Style

What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day My guess is that there is a lot of overlap with faithful pastors here.