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Shepherd Links – 9/29

Prophet Links Mood Preaching, Not Moody Preaching Here’s a good quote. Reality Check: The “Jesus’ Wife” Coptic Fragment When the circus leaves town, what have we got? Below are some facts, some probabilities, and some possibilities. Priest Links How Jesus Made Disciples The reality, however, is that Jesus method of making disciples was focused more on […]

Are You a Hypocritical Preacher?

The last thing a pastor wants to feel like is a hypocrite. Yet for so many of us, it seems inevitable. When was the last time you stepped out of the pulpit feeling like you preached to yourself more than your church? What sin were you calling your church – and yourself – to repent […]

Shepherd Links – 9/22

Prophet Links How to Be a Writer: 201 Compelling Tips Some overlap with becoming a better preacher here. 10 Things I Wish I’d Been Told in Seminary Do you agree? 4 Things Every Intellectually-Minded Person Should Remember Great stuff from Trevin Wax: “The Intellectual Life: Its Spirit, Conditions, Methods was written in 1934 by A.G. Sertillanges, […]

5 Lessons on Planning Funerals You Can’t Learn in Seminary

For the uninitiated, planning a funeral brings much anxiety. You deeply desire to lead and shepherd the family, but you may not know what to do or the manner in which to conduct yourself. These are the kinds of things you learn through experience. Here is what I learned in my experience walking with a […]

How to Follow a Wild Goose Chase to a Powerful Sermon Illustration

The sermon prep process often grinds to a halt when it’s time to choose illustrations. Bridging the gap between doctrine and doing is difficult. You end up sitting back in your chair, staring off into space, hoping the perfect illustration gets zapped into your brain. Instead of wasting time looking for the illustration on the […]

Jonathan Edwards and Justification: An Interview with Author Josh Moody (And How to Win a Free Copy)

What would Jonathan Edwards add to the discussion on justification if he were alive today? Dr. Josh Moody, in his work Jonathan Edwards and Justification gives us an idea. Enlisting several other Edwards scholars for contributions, Moody goes hunting for answers to the current questions on justification in the works of the greatest theologian born […]

Shepherd Links – 9/15

Prophet Links New Theologian, May I Have a Word? As a wise man once said, “Desire without knowledge is not good” (Prov. 19:2; cf. Rom. 10:2). And knowledge without love? Utterly nothing (1 Cor. 13:2). How to Get a Do-It-Yourself MA in Political Philosophy Back in 2005, Joe Carter asked readers of his blog to contribute their suggested […]

Away with This Fad of Rejecting the Inerrancy Scripture

It is becoming more and more popular to hold to the doctrine of the “inspiration, but not inerrancy” of Scripture. This stance has the appearance of intellectual tension. But the tension is so tight on this one that the doctrine snaps. W.G.T. Shedd explains why: “The primary and the secondary matter in Scripture, such as […]

Shepherd Links – 9/8

Prophet Links Top 10 R.C. Sproul Lectures From the compiler: “While others might disagree with what follows at certain points, this list represents what I have found to be the most important and useful messages that R.C. has ever delivered.” Reading for Worldviews “[E]very great work of literature presents its readers with a microcosm, a little world that […]

How to Transition Between the Points of Your Sermon without Losing Your Audience

When you transition too fast between points of your sermon, it’s like riding shotgun with a new high school driver. If your congregation has to grab the handle every time you take a turn, they are likely to jump out of the car at the next stop. In Bible college, I was taught to give […]

Shepherd Links – 9/1

Prophet Links Don’t Settle for Your Mediocre Preaching “I am tired of hearing boring, inadequately prepared theological lectures, delivered by uninspired preachers reading manuscripts, all done in the name of biblical preaching.” Wow. The Craft of Life-Changing Preaching “The exegetical process doesn’t end with understanding, it ends with application.” Hope for Your How-To Sermons “I was […]