Shepherd Links – 9/1

Prophet Links

Don’t Settle for Your Mediocre Preaching “I am tired of hearing boring, inadequately prepared theological lectures, delivered by uninspired preachers reading manuscripts, all done in the name of biblical preaching.” Wow.

The Craft of Life-Changing Preaching “The exegetical process doesn’t end with understanding, it ends with application.”

Hope for Your How-To Sermons “I was taught by many that good preaching must be practical, focusing on action…But we need to be careful here. This emphasis is what often pushes the how-to, can-do, you-do sermons that amount to little more than a preaching of the law without the hope of Jesus’ gospel.”

Priest Links

Trinitarian Counseling “God’s Fatherhood reminds the counselor to carry two truths into every counseling session: (1) I am my Father’s child, and (2) I am my Father’s representative.”

What Non-Christian Counselors Don’t Tell You This is a must read article: “They never mention the God who has a name: YHWH, Father, Jesus, Spirit, Almighty, Savior, Comforter…They never mention that God searches every heart, that every human being will bow to give final account for each thought, word, deed, choice, emotion, belief and attitude…They never mention sinfulness and sin, that humankind obsessively and compulsively transgresses against God.”

The Challenges of a Lengthy Pastorate “As I have continued to reflect on my last 25 years of pastoral ministry at Kabwata Baptist Church, I have thought about what the challenges of a lengthy pastoral ministry are.”

King Links

The 20 Most-Watched TED Talks to Date “From education to brain function to inspiring messages to techno-possibilities, this list represents quite a breadth of topics.”

9 Signs You’re Not Ready for Multisite “My fear is that churches may try to implement multisite too soon. Similar to building projects, multisite will help healthy churches reach more people faster. On the other hand for churches who aren’t in a healthy position, multisite will help you get stuck faster.”