Shepherd Links – 9/22

Prophet Links

How to Be a Writer: 201 Compelling Tips Some overlap with becoming a better preacher here.

10 Things I Wish I’d Been Told in Seminary Do you agree?

4 Things Every Intellectually-Minded Person Should Remember Great stuff from Trevin Wax: “The Intellectual Life: Its Spirit, Conditions, Methods was written in 1934 by A.G. Sertillanges, a scholar who upheld and embodied the best of the Catholic intellectual tradition in the spirit of Thomas Aquinas, the towering theologian of the Middle Ages. Here are four major themes that I found particularly helpful in Sertillanges’ work.”

The OT in the NT: 5 Presuppositions, 9 Steps, 1 Example From G. K. Beale, via Justin Taylor. Here are some simple steps to follow to interpret the NT’s use of the OT. This is plug and play for sermon prep (with the exception, perhaps, of the secular resources in step 5)

Priest Links

Pastors Are Hurting “LifeWay Research conducted a national survey of Protestant pastors. Among the questions they asked were two related to the hurts I noted above.”

Leading Worship – With Zeal “In reality, we as leaders don’t do the ‘moving’ part of this—that’s the Holy Spirit’s work—yet Scripture still calls us to lead and God uses us in this process. So how do we lead?”

10 Ways Ecclesiology Encourages Me “Here are just ten of the things I remind myself of when I’m tempted to downplay the importance of corporate worship and ecclesiology in my life.”

Closing the Back Door in Churches: 4 Keys “In our research of thousands of churches, we have found four common characteristics of congregations that have effective assimilation by almost any metric. But these churches that have effectively closed the back door are few in number, suggesting that the solution is easier said than done. Look at the four keys to effective assimilation. They are obviously not mutually exclusive.”

King Links

Free eBook – Step-by-Step Guid to Develop Church Web Strategy Most visitors will visit your website before they visit your building. Does your web strategy intentionally address this?