Shepherd Links – 9/29

Prophet Links

Mood Preaching, Not Moody Preaching Here’s a good quote.

Reality Check: The “Jesus’ Wife” Coptic Fragment When the circus leaves town, what have we got? Below are some facts, some probabilities, and some possibilities.

Priest Links

How Jesus Made Disciples The reality, however, is that Jesus method of making disciples was focused more on relationship and action and less on information and knowledge. The key is the “how” question, How did Jesus make disciples?

When We Are Worn Out When you hear someone say that they are tired, or when someone says to you, “wow, you look exhausted,” it is time to ask God, “What kind of fatigue am I experiencing Lord?” Rightly diagnosing our particular brand of exhaustion graciously get us more truly and quickly onto recovery’s road.

How does a pastor shepherd his people when there is a lack of common interest?

Should Christians Adopt Embryos? Evangelical Christians, it seems, are adopting embryos at an increasing rate, and the secular media are noticing the trend.

King Links

Organization Has Its Effects From Seth Godin: “That’s a lot of power. Probably too much for the selfish marketer, lobbyist or demagogue to have at his disposal.” Unless, of course, the leader of your tribe is Jesus, and not you.

“Programs are what we create when Christians are not doing what they are supposed to do in everyday life.” Amen, and amen.