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How to Turn From Your Idols

If John Calvin was right when he said that our hearts are idol factories (and he was), then seeking sanctification within a community means we must help one another inspect the stuff coming off the assembly line. Whether you are a preacher, teacher, small group leader, counselor, discipler, or evangelist, it’s your job to teach […]

Why Basing Your Next Ministry Decision on Precedent Might Lead You to the Wrong Choice

When a leadership team faces a dilemma, “What did we do last time?” is a question that tends to pop up. The assumption is that past precedents help you make the right decision now. While this is true, it’s not true as often as leaders expect. Here are five reasons why arguing from precedent might […]

Shepherd Links – 10/20

Prophet Links The Problem with Misinterpreting Wisdom Literature Church friends quietly whispered about Jill’s parents’ failure to raise a good child. After all,Proverbs 22:6 says, “Teach a youth about the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” If Jill departed, it must mean her parents failed. Good parenting in; […]

Are Your Sermons All “Fire” But no “Logic”?

D. Martin Lloyd-Jones is famous for saying that preaching is “logic on fire.” Unfortunately, many preachers who lack in the logic category try to make up for it with more fire. Not having the logical hops to dunk the sermon, this preacher is a fiery dribbler who never crosses the three-point line. He looks at […]

Shepherd Links – 10/13

Prophet Links A Landmark Book: The First Puritan Systematic Theology Justin Taylor whets your appetite for “the largest and most comprehensive exposition to date on the theology of the English Puritans.” Works of Jonathan Edwards for iPhone and iPad “The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University is pleased to announce the official Works of Jonathan Edwards […]

The Pastor’s Guide to Twitter: 10 Tweets to Impact Your Church

Not knowing what to tweet is a common obstacle for pastors who want to impact their church through Twitter. Without a plan, your tweets will lack purpose, or you won’t tweet at all. When I first joined Twitter, I waited several days before I finally tweeted something. I was clueless about what to post and […]

Shepherd Links – 10/6

Prophet Links The Bible for Bloggers What biblical principles should guide Christian bloggers? I am increasingly thinking about this question because maintaining the mission and reputation of the institution I lead increasingly requires me to respond quickly and frequently to questions, assertions, and criticisms from the unjuried world of the blogosphere. Pride in the Pulpit When I […]