Shepherd Links – 10/13

Prophet Links

A Landmark Book: The First Puritan Systematic Theology Justin Taylor whets your appetite for “the largest and most comprehensive exposition to date on the theology of the English Puritans.”

Works of Jonathan Edwards for iPhone and iPad “The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University is pleased to announce the official Works of Jonathan Edwards Online iOS App. Now you can easily access and share the works of Jonathan Edwards from your mobile device.” Did I mention that it’s free?

The Point of Preaching Darryl Dash reminds us that “It’s not enough to communicate information when we preach. There’s much, much more involved.”

Priest Links

The Role of Prayer in Biblical Interpretation OT Scholar Dale Ralph Davis shares about the necessity of prayer when you study the Bible.

How Does Scripture Teach Us to Redeem Psychology? From the most recent Journal of Biblical Counseling. “David Powlison focuses on the interface between the secular psychological endeavor and our faith. The potential for fruitful engagement is huge. Because all psychological facts bear eloquent witness to biblical reality, we find points of contact everywhere.”

Feeling Lost in the Middle of Your Life Also from the most recent Journal of Biblical Counseling. “Paul Tripp contributes to your counseling toolbox with a practical resource for dealing with midlife crisis. Self-help books are plentiful on this subject, but ‘Feeling Lost in the Middle of Your Life’ offers a bright alternative.” Perhaps you need it for your own midlife crisis.

King Links

Become More Productive by Reengineering Your Morning Ritual “Interestingly, ‘Morning people’ tend to: make more money, be more productive, be healthier and live longer, be happier and more satisfied in their lives. The good news is that if you aren’t a morning person, you can become one.”

How to Make Your Internship Count “Most who intern do so at great personal cost and have both implicit and explicit expectations for what they will glean from it, so the question of how to make an internship count is a crucial one.”

How to Lead Young Men “The first step toward fruitfulness in a young man’s life is that he needs to realize that he is not meant to live life for himself, but for God. Bringing young men to that place needs to be a priority in church, especially when the world preaches the opposite message.”