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Shepherd Links – 11/24

Prophet Links How Do You Define Preaching? From Thabit Anyabwile “Recently I had the privilege of delivering the John Reed Miller Lectures at Reformed Theological Seminary. We entitled the lecture series “Faithful Preaching in an Age of Corinthian Thinking.” As you can imagine, we tried to put forth an apostolic understanding of preaching while pushing back […]

A Great Ministry Opportunity for Soon-to-Graduate Seminarians: The Pastoral Residency at College Church

If you are in your last year of seminary or grad school, November is not too early to start thinking about how you will serve the Lord after you graduate. I hope you seriously consider applying for the Pastoral Residency program at my church, College Church in Wheaton, IL. What the College Church Pastoral Residency […]

Shepherd Links – 11/17

Prophet Links New Studies in Dogmatics—A New 15-Volume Series in Constructive Theology Looks to be a great series: “Today Zondervan announced a major 15-volume project in constructive theology. The series is called New Studies in Dogmatics and is edited by Michael Allen (Knox Theological Seminary) and Scott R. Swain (Reformed Theological Seminary). Download flyer. The volumes will […]

How to Preach to Every Culture in a Single Sermon

I’ve been reading Tim Keller’s Center Church, these days, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. In his section on contextualization, Keller points out the importance of preaching in a way that is culturally relevant to your audience. The reason is that different cultures respond to different kinds of preaching. Keller writes: Contextualized gospel communication will adapt […]

The Subtle Difference Between a Success Mindset and a Fruitfulness Mindset in Ministry

Do you aim at success or fruitfulness in your ministry? It’s often hard to tell the difference because they look so similar on the outside. One way to tell which side you’re on is to analyze the questions you ask – either in your own mind, or of others – after a church function. Here […]

Shepherd Links – 11/10

Prophet Links What Does an Evangelistic Sermon Look Like? Don’t forget to preach to the unbelievers in your congregation. A.T. Robertson: Scholar, Professor, Churchman A fantastic list of quotes sure to stoke your passion for gospel ministry. Hat Tip to Trevin Wax. Priest Links Finding a Better Way for Mercy Ministry Programs? Organic? Or is there […]

What a Pro Athlete Can Teach You about Raising Your Preaching Game

I once heard John MacArthur say that competitiveness was an important characteristic for good pastors, because a competitive pastor will always work to become a better pastor. Have you lost your edge? Have you become complacent? Are you resting on last year’s victories? The great professional athletes never lose their drive to improve. With the […]

Shepherd Links – 11/3

Prophet Links Brothers, We Are not Professors We are, compared to our Puritan fathers, ignorant shepherds leading sensate sheep in a dry and dusty land. Surely what we need then is more thought, more scholarship, more earnest hours spent pouring over the ancients in our studies. Right? Ten Reasons for Expository Preaching by E.K. Bailey (The title […]

A Sermon Illustration on the Unity of Scriptural Truth from Lloyd-Jones

From Fellowship with God, the first volume of Lloyd-Jones’ sermons on 1 John: “The light of truth is like the natural light; it can be broken up by prism into a large number of subsidiary colours which together form that perfect light. And so it is with the Scriptures, all from God, all in-breathed by the Hol Spirit, all perfectly […]