Shepherd Links – 11/10

Prophet Links

What Does an Evangelistic Sermon Look Like? Don’t forget to preach to the unbelievers in your congregation.

A.T. Robertson: Scholar, Professor, Churchman A fantastic list of quotes sure to stoke your passion for gospel ministry. Hat Tip to Trevin Wax.

Priest Links

Finding a Better Way for Mercy Ministry Programs? Organic? Or is there a third way?

King Links

Laws of Productivity “Maximizing productivity’ is another way of asking to the team to squeeze water from a stone. The stone consists of the hard resource and time constraints the team operates under. Naturally, the cost of failure to pull off a productivity miracle is couched in terms that most people wish to avoid.” Hat Tip to David Murray.

Why Email is a Productivity Killer – And Its Days Are Numbered.

Leading Volunteers Two articles (here and here) that answer frustrations many pastors face.