Shepherd Links – 11/24

Prophet Links

How Do You Define Preaching? From Thabit Anyabwile “Recently I had the privilege of delivering the John Reed Miller Lectures at Reformed Theological Seminary. We entitled the lecture series “Faithful Preaching in an Age of Corinthian Thinking.” As you can imagine, we tried to put forth an apostolic understanding of preaching while pushing back against the worldly Corinthian mentality that afflicts every age. In the first talk I shared my definition of preaching.”

Priest Links

10 Practical Tools for Hospital Visitation From Brian Croft “Pastoral visitation has become a lost art in the younger generation of pastors and that fear is among the many reasons for the neglect of this ministry.  Pastoral visitation, in hospitals especially, raises that fear even more.  There is fear of being exposed to sickness.  There is fear of what to say; what to do; how to do it?   What if I see something that makes me faint?  If that is you, allow these 10 practical tools to equip you for this task and help minimize any fear that may have kept you from this most noble and important task.”

How Your Church Can Grow in Evangelism A video conversation with Matt Chandler, Mark Dever, and Darrin Patrick.

How to Create a Disciple-Making Culture in Your Church From Justin Buzzard “Six months ago, when our church plant was eight months old, I realized I had made a big mistake in church planting. I kept talking about discipleship and I was coaching others in how to make disciples, but I hadn’t done enough face-to-face modeling of what I meant when I told our church to make disciples. Thus, our church didn’t yet have the discipleship culture I wanted it to have. So, I confessed my mistake and then prayerfully selected twelve men to disciple for six months in order to inject a strong disciple-making culture into our church.”

King Links

5 Ways to Fight Insecurity as a Leader From Ron Edmondson “I was talking with a young pastor recently. He is overwhelmed with the responsibility he’s been given. His church expects a lot from him…leading the church, preaching great messages, and seeing the baptistry consistently in use. He realizes the weight of his position, but much of it he doesn’t feel qualified to deliver. He accepted the position knowing there would be challenges, but now he’s wondering if he’s in over his head. I realized he was dealing with a huge dose of insecurity.”