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Shepherd Links – 12/23

This is a pure King Links edition of of Shepherd Links. I’ve come across several helpful articles on leadership and productivity – an unsurprisingly popular topic as we change calendars. I hope they help you get your new year off to a solid start. King Links Why Leaders Need Managers From Barnabas Piper: “A false dichotomy […]

Top 10 Posts from 2012 at Pastoralized

I’ve seen a lot of growth in the blog during 2012, so to all of you who have read, shared, linked to, and emailed my posts this year: thank you! In case you missed them – or would like to reread them – here is a list of the top ten articles at Pastoralized in […]

A Week Off of Shepherd Links

It’s been a busy week for me, so I’m taking a break from Shepherd Links. They’ll back and ready for action next Saturday!

6 Objections Good-Idea-Snipers Use to Shoot Down Your New Ministry Opportunities

You have attended a frustrating meeting or two if you’ve been in ministry long enough. One of the most frustrating elements of meetings are good-idea-snipers. When someone floats a wild, new idea for a ministry – that’s so crazy it just might work – they raise their scope to their eye, and start firing off […]

Shepherd Links – 12/8

Prophet Links 2012 Annual Review of the Year’s Best Books for Preachers A thorough article by Al Mohler: “The past year has seen the release of hundreds of titles that should be of interest to Christian preachers. We will look at an assortment of these with an eye to the needs of the pastor, especially […]

An Interesting Theme in Genesis: My Message at Crossway Publisher’s Chapel

Last week I had the privilege of speaking for the weekly chapel at Crossway. I shared about a theme in Genesis that I find very interesting. The combination of “to see” and “good” occurs throughout the book, beginning, of course, with God at creation. But people quickly hijack the prerogative to “see” what is “good” […]

Shepherd Links – 12/1

Prophet Links Top 10 Books on Biblical Studies in 2012 from Andreas Kostenberger Some items to add to your Christmas list if you haven’t picked these volumes up yet. Priest Links How to Share Your Christian Testimony From Chris Castaldo: “Communicating an answer for our redemptive hope requires a variety of approaches, one of which—an […]