Shepherd Links – 12/1

Prophet Links

Top 10 Books on Biblical Studies in 2012 from Andreas Kostenberger Some items to add to your Christmas list if you haven’t picked these volumes up yet.

Priest Links

How to Share Your Christian Testimony From Chris Castaldo: “Communicating an answer for our redemptive hope requires a variety of approaches, one of which—an especially important one—is articulating our personal conversion story, or what we more commonly call a “testimony.” In what follows, I would like to offer some thoughts on how testimonies can serve your gospel witness.”

6 Questions Worship Service Planners Should Ask From Jared Wilson: “I think some of the silliness passing for ‘worship service’ in many evangelical churches could be solved by those in the planning stages asking better questions, which is to say, more first principle, self-reflective questions. I have some suggestions, naturally. Of course, these aren’t the only questions worth asking, but I think they provide some good guardrails for those involved in the entire liturgy of a worship gathering, from sermon prep to music selection to sacrament to announcements and all the other nuts and bolts of a service.”

Established Churches and Inward Drift From Thom Rainer: “All organizations tend to lose their focus and forget their original purposes over time. I call this almost imperceptible movement ‘inward drift’…The primary dangers with inward drift are twofold. First and foremost, the organization can forget the very reason it was created. Second, the drift is often imperceptible. Many organizations don’t realize there is a problem until it’s too late.”

What Does Biblical Community Look Like? From Bill Clem: “Christian communities are witnesses in that they show what the kingdom of God is meant to look like…Communities should model grace, love, forgiveness, truth, and identity. Look through this inextensive list of things we are to show one another and reflect upon how these verses inform us as to what biblical community looks like.”

King Links

Organizational Health Principles for Businesses, Ministries, and Non-Prophets Matt Perman provides a comprehensive list of principles that shows you what it takes to build a cohesive leadership team, create organizational clarity, and communicate your vision.

Ad Nauseum Leadership: Use Repetition to Reiterate What’s Important In your efforts to not be too repetitive, are you failing to communicate your vision effectively?