Shepherd Links – 12/8

Prophet Links

2012 Annual Review of the Year’s Best Books for Preachers A thorough article by Al Mohler: “The past year has seen the release of hundreds of titles that should be of interest to Christian preachers. We will look at an assortment of these with an eye to the needs of the pastor, especially in the responsibility of preparing messages and fulfilling the work of the ministry.”

5 Ways to Get Better at Preaching and Teaching From Mark Driscoll: “To this day, I still make mistakes. A few weeks ago, I thought a funny illustration would really work, and it totally bombed at the first service, so I cut it. I also recently preached an 80-minute sermon and went way too long—even for me, which is saying a lot. I did not focus the sermon, and I tried to pack in too much. That being said, here is some advice from someone like you, trying hard to get better at teaching God’s Word by God’s grace.”

Preaching the Gospel with a Passion for Particular People From Justin Taylor: “Michael Haykin writes on ‘The Spirituality of Samuel Pearce‘ (1766-1799), minister of Cannon Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, England, and a member of the Baptist Missionary Society with William Carey. Haykin writes about Pearce’s passion for the salvation of his fellow man.”

Priest Links

Advent Is Slow — on Purpose From Tony Reinke: “Who has time to celebrate Advent? That’s my initial thought each year. But that’s the point. Advent takes time. It cannot be microwaved, it cannot be compressed into 24 hours, and it cannot be sped up to the bustling speed of our daily lives. Advent is slow on purpose, because the slowness of the celebration mirrors the slowly unfolding drama of the Advent of the Savior himself in history.”

One To One Bible Reading This website is an offshoot from David Helm’s book One to One Bible Reading. The goal of the site is to train you to read the Bible with others, either for discipleship or evangelism. My wife is currently using the book to study the Bible with a friend.

What Are 3 Commons Areas of Neglect in a Pastor’s Life? From Brian Croft: “The demands on a pastor are great.  They force every pastor daily to choose what will get his time, and what will not.  I have observed this decision process subtly squeezes out 3 areas that many pastors would admit are not essential, but over a longer period of neglect can have significant harmful effects.  Because they are subtly neglected, when the consequences come they are hard to identify.  Consider these 3 areas.” (Guilty on all three counts.)

King Links

Three Dangers of Being Crazy Busy Kevin DeYoung has three articles on how being busy hurts you: 1. It ruins your joy, 2. It robs your heart, 3. It covers the rot in your soul.

16 Signs a Leader Has Lost His Mind From Perry Noble. How many would the people you lead check off for you?