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How to Always Be Ready to Care for Your Congregation

Since pastors know ministry is full of surprises, there’s no excuse for being caught off guard when a need arises. Just like superheroes wear their costume under their normal clothes, we always need to be ready to serve our people (not that we are superheroes). Some pastors feel interrupted by congregational needs. “I didn’t get […]

My Top 10 Quotes from Albert Mohler’s “The Conviction to Lead”

I immediately ordered The Conviction to Lead: 25 Principles for Leadership that Matters by Albert Mohler after reading this review. I was barely able to to put it down. Mohler’s book is full of leadership insights that I have not read anywhere else. Let these snippets inspire you to buy it and read it yourself. 1. […]

Shepherd Links – 1/26

Prophet Links On the Necessity of Theological Courage From Owen Strachan and Andrew Walker: “Theological courage, you might say, is God’s truth addressed not only to the academy, but the public world. This includes the central gathering place of this world, where ideas are debated and strategies for change vie for adoption: the public square. But […]

Shepherd Links – 1/19

Prophet Links Chapter Outlines and Summaries on Greg Beale’s “A New Testament Biblical Theology” 5 Ways of Understanding Biblical Theology 5 Factors in the Rise of Reformed Theology Among African Americans Priest Links Ten Things Church Members Desire in a Pastor How Do We Know if God Is Disciplining Us? 5 Necessary Elements for an Evangelism […]

The Great Paradox of the Book of Esther and its Significance Today

I started a series on the book of Esther this past Sunday with my jr. high students. Karen Jobes, in her NIV Application Commentary on Esther, insightfully captures the Christian significance of the fact that God is never mentioned in the book: “The great paradox of Esther is that God is omnipotently present even where God […]

Interesting Stats on Multisite Church Campuses

I recently came across the short ebook Multisite is Multiplying by Warren Bird and Kristin Walters, of Leadership Network. It contains many interesting stats about the current trends (as of 2010) of multisite churches. Topics covered include: How many churches have launched multisite campuses? Does multisite church ministry hurt church planting? What is the success rate of a multisite […]

Shepherd Links – 1/12

Prophet Links 50% off Westminster Book Store’s Best Sellers of 2012 Several great picks here. I’m glad I haven’t picked up Dangerous Calling, A Puritan Theology, or When Helping Hurts yet! (Though, now I have.) How to Preach the Gospel from Every Part of the Bible The author points out five types of “gospel” passages: 1) explicitly gospel-shaped, 2) […]

My Top 12 Quotes from Tim Keller’s “Center Church”

I read Tim Keller’s Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City toward the end of 2012, and found it extremely formative in regard to philosophy of ministry. Out of my 132 Kindle highlights, here are my top 12. 1. On the inescapability of contextualization If we never deliberately think through ways to rightly contextualize […]

The Monty Python Secret to Creative Sermon Illustrations and Applications

How can a pastor come up with captivating illustrations on a weekly basis? What does it take to think up applications that actually lead toward change in your congregation? Where does that creativity come from? These topics are common in my sermon coaching conversations. Interpreting the passage accurately is hard enough. But it is only […]

Shepherd Links – 1/5

Prophet Links The Writing Pastor: An Essay on Spiritual Formation From the latest edition of Themelios: “None of us will likely have the influence of Augustine or Luther or Bonhoeffer. But our writing still matters. It matters because it can help us to make progress in our own hearts and minds. So as an exercise in […]

10 Steps to Read 50 Books in 2013

This is a guest post by Josh Stringer (@revjoshstringer). Josh is a pastoral resident at College Church, and will be graduating from our program in July 2013. If your church is looking for a pastor I highly recommend you consider Josh. You can contact him via email at jstringerATcollege-churchDOTorg. Is one of your New Years […]