Shepherd Links – 1/12

Prophet Links

50% off Westminster Book Store’s Best Sellers of 2012 Several great picks here. I’m glad I haven’t picked up Dangerous CallingA Puritan Theology, or When Helping Hurts yet! (Though, now I have.)

How to Preach the Gospel from Every Part of the Bible The author points out five types of “gospel” passages: 1) explicitly gospel-shaped, 2) preparatory gospel-shaped, 3) shows the need for the gospel, 4) identifies the means of redemption, or 5) points to the effects of redemption. “All this is to say that not all gospel-shaped sermons sound the same. Not every passage approaches or reflects the gospel in the same way.”

Paul Was Preaching Bad News, Not the Gospel, at Mars Hill From Justin Taylor: “Daniel Strange of Oak Hill College, speaking at the Evangelical Alliance’s ‘Confidence in the Gospel’ initiative, argues that Paul’s Mars Hill speech in Acts 17 is not actually gospel, but the necessary context for understanding the gospel. In this 10 minute talk, he gives a nice overview of Paul’s attitude, approach, and appeal.”

Priest Links

An Interview with Zack Eswine about Life and Ministry as a Human Being Also from Justin Taylor: “We talk about burnout—for example, the world’s definition of greatness as ‘large, notable, and now’ vs. Jesus’ teaching of ‘small things, slowly, over a long period of time,’ along with the temptation of pastors to pretend as if they are omniscient (know it all), omnipotent (fix it all), or omnipresent (be everywhere at once).”

Establishing Your Street Crud Vintage Doug Wilson: “If it is our task is to dispel the [postmodern] mood, as I am convinced it is, then we need to stop pretending that skinny jeans are the missional equivalent of Hudson Taylor’s pigtail. More than one believer in hot pursuit of street cred has only succeeded in picking up a bunch of street crud instead.?”

The Death of the Mall and the Future of Church Buildings From Thom Rainer: “The children of the Boomers, Generation X and, even more, the Millennials, have been pushing for more intimacy and smallness. They triggered the unprecedented growth of Starbucks. They have been the key movers in social media, which has fostered a new online intimacy. Among the Christian Millennials there is a desire for greater intimacy in church. They are in many ways triggering a new small group revolution. And though they may not have an explicit aversion to large church facilities, neither are they attracted to them.”

King Links

Can I Plant a Church in a Deprived Area Even if I Don’t Come from That Background? “One of the questions I am routinely asked by (mainly) middle class, educated people who are interested in this type of work is: ‘Can I do it even though I don’t have the life experience or the cultural background?’ My answer is (almost always) a resounding, ‘Yes!’ We don’t disqualify people from planting in a particular context because they weren’t born in it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have had a modern missionary movement because everybody would have stayed at home or only reached out to people like themselves!”

5 Hidden Emotions of Many Leaders “No denying, there is high expectation for leaders to be excellent in their roles. I’m not trying to lump more pressure on leaders, but I believe that many times, if we were honest about the pressures we face, about our own shortcomings, weaknesses and fears, we would be better grounded to face them. We would also attract loyal followers who would be more willing to help fill in the gaps of our leadership.”

Top Leadership Coaching in 2012 This is a 27 minute video compiling the most popular of Mark Driscoll’s Leadership Coaching videos.