Shepherd Links – 2/2

Prophet Links

5 Reasons Why Christians Need to Hear the Gospel From David Murray: “In his opening chapter of Preaching Christ from the Old Testament, Sidney Greidanus lists five reasons for preaching Christ today.”

Preaching to the Collective Heart From Tim Keller: “Recently, a couple of books and websites have referenced me as a good example of how to exegete and “engage culture” in the task of preaching. They include citations of certain cultural references in my sermons. While I know this is meant as a compliment, for which I am grateful, I also have some concerns about the way this practice has been described. I can easily imagine that some (especially younger) preachers will aspire to imitate the method and miss the underlying principle. “

30 Things You Might Not Know about C.S. Lewis From Greg Breazeale: “November 29th marks the eleventy-fourth (114th) year since C.S. Lewis was born. Last year I listed some of my favorite quotes from his writings. This year I thought I would share some of the more interesting facts about his life.”

Priest Links

How Does a Man Evaluate His Desire for the Work of Pastoral Ministry? From Brian Croft: “There must be a strong, unquenchable desire to do the work of a pastor—a desire to preach God’s word, shepherd God’s people, evangelize the lost, disciple the spiritually immature, and serve the local church.”

Only Once in About 30 Days From Thabiti Anyabwile: “I began this year with a desire to be a better personal evangelist. By God’s grace, I’ve preached the gospel each Sunday I’ve been in the pulpit. But I don’t want my evangelism to be limited to the pulpit; I want to do the work of an evangelist as well. More, not less, proclamation is needed. So, what’s happening with that desire? Well, I think I’m learning (again!) two vital lessons.”

3 Reasons Why Some Churches Don’t Grow (That You Don’t Usually Hear) I’ve run across several articles on this recently. Here’s a good word from Aaron Armstrong on the issue: “What’s the deal? Is a church’s lack of growth a result of some unspoken sin on the leadership’s part? Is numerical growth always a sign of God’s blessing upon a local church? I’m not so sure.”

King Links

Eleven Things Organizations Can Learn from Airports Great stuff here from Seth Godin: “I realized that I don’t dislike flying–I dislike airports. There are so many things we can learn from what they do wrong.”

Your Worth Is Not in Your To-Do List From Marci Turner: “We all make lists of things that need to get done along with things we want to get done, but what happens when our lives become defined by our to-do list?”

20 Essential TED Talks for Future Leaders I’ve posted this before (I think), but I recently came across it somehow again. Worth a look.