Shepherd Links – 2/23

Prophet Links

Why the Afterlife Bores Us From Russell Moore: “We’re glad we’re not going to hell or to oblivion. But most of our songs and sermon mentions are about that first few moments in heaven: when we see Jesus, when we’re reunited with our loved ones, and so on. It’s like the happy ending of the story. And that’s the problem.”

Why Pastors Should Read Over Their Heads From Kevin DeYoung: “Very, very, very (did I say “very”) few pastors are called to engage in the highest levels of scholarship at the same time as pastoring a congregation. It’s just not possible, at least not for very long. But most pastors should still make it a point to jump into the deep end of the pool and get in over their heads once in awhile. Let me give you a few reasons why.”

Notes On Pride and Preachers From Colin Adams: “Pride is a problem for every “son of Adam.” But lets be frank: it is a peculiar peril for preachers. Not only are we ‘leaders’, with all the potential kudos that entails; but we are ‘preachers’, in some cases standing quite literally above the congregation in preaching God’s Word.”

Priest Links

Pornography There were a few posts last week on porn that should help us minister to people with this addiction. The short video The Science of Pornography explains the physiology of the addiction. A study has shown that pornography use is connected to our culture’s acceptance of adultery and homosexual marriage. This article from Brian Croft shows how a husband should move forward after revealing his porn addiction to his wife.

25 Years of Evangelizing My Husband How one woman’s attitude toward her husband was changed despite the difficulty of being unequally yoked.

Books for Ministering to Others Westminster Books has a 55-55% sale on CCEF books, good till 2/26. On that note, here is a list of top ten books on grief and loss.

King Links

Respect Yourself and Take Back Control of Your Calendar “This may seem improbable if you’ve lived at the mercy of other people’s whims for years. But as a time coach, I’ve seen that you can take back control by carefully setting expectations. Try out these tactics to avoid being overbooked.”

In (Abashed) Praise of Diligence From John Stackhouse: “Yeah. Well. The history of everything shows that daily diligence, not rare flashes of creativity, is the way most things get done. Diligence is the real world. Diligence is the Adult Fact that some children learn already through hobbies, music lessons, or sports, while many grown-ups never learn it at all.”