Shepherd Links – 3/23

Prophet Links

12 Types of Sermon Introductions A quick video from David Murray that is sure to help you avoid getting stuck early in your sermon writing.

Beware These Preaching Shortcuts From Erik Raymond “We like shortcuts assuming that they get us to where we are trying to go. If they do not then they are dangerous, unproductive detours. In his book The Priority of Preaching, Christopher Ash argues that there are no shortcuts for preaching with authority.”

What Is the Soul? Does It Really Exist? How Does It Relate to the Brain?? From Justin Taylor “A fascinating philosophical exchange between J. P. Moreland and Robert Lawrence Kuhn, host of the PBS show Closer to the Truth, who has a doctorate in brain science.”

Priest Links

An Astonishing Message from a Gay Sister in Christ This will break down some stereotypes Christians have toward believers who face same sex attraction.

King Links

Ten Ways Ordinary People Became Good Leaders Thom Rainer broke this encouraging and convicting article into two posts (part 1, and part 2).

How Many Hours Should Pastors Work? From Darryl Dash: “Pastors should work hard. The pastorate is a place where lazy people can hide. I’ve met some lazy pastors, and they do need a kick in the posterior. And yes, we shouldn’t expect more of others than we ourselves are ready to give. And for some, they will be able to work 50-65 hours and still live healthily. Imposing this advice across the board, however, is less than helpful.”

Commonly Asked Questions about the Minister’s Housing Allowance It’s that time of the year again! If you have tax questions that are particular to clergy tax status, this page may help you out.