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Download My Free Sermon Illustration Ebook “Show Then Tell” Today!

Today I’m pleased to give away a free ebook, Show Then Tell: 52 Illustrations for Believing and Living the Gospel. It contains original, hand-crafted illustrations that will point the people you teach to Jesus. I hope you find it helpful. Show Then Tell came out better than I could have ever imagined thanks to my friend Ted […]

5 Quick Reasons to Manuscript Your Sermons

Whether it is best to manuscript or to outline your sermon is an ongoing conversation. Everyone is different. Driscoll goes up with post-it notes, Piper takes a manuscript. Figuring out which is right for you takes time and experimentation. I just preached back-to-back Sunday mornings while our lead pastor was out of town – the […]

Endorsements for My Free Sermon Illustration Ebook “Show Then Tell”

We’re putting the finishing touches on Show Then Tell: 52 Illustrations for Believing and Living the Gospel, which I’ll have available as a free download right here at the blog this month. (Update: it’s now available here.) I’m excited to give away this resource, and I hope and pray it will help you preach and teach […]

7 Disastrous Results of Letting Your Personal Fulfillment Drive Your Ministry

I was struck by something Ray Ortlund said in a blog post recently: “I am not impressed by young pastors who seem too eager to publish books and speak at big events and get noticed.” It’s as if men get in the ministry and treat the first few years like the kid who shoots hoops […]

12 Steps to Strong Sermon Illustrations

There are three kinds of preachers when it comes to sermon illustrations. There are those who were born with the innate ability to snatch the most engaging stories out of thin air – often while preaching the sermon – and plug them seamlessly into their exposition. Jerks. Then there are those who resign themselves to […]

A Small Group Ministry Book Review: “Creating Community” by Andy Stanley and Bill Willits

Having just started a role where I am responsible for revitalizing and leading a small group ministry, I have begun reading the most popular books on small groups. I have intentionally snagged books from churches from a wide philosophy of ministry range. I hope to learn and glean from pastors who are outside my box. […]