Error in “Show Then Tell” Corrected, Updated Ebook Available for Download


I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on Show Then Tell, more than I expected by far. A lot of folks downloaded it, and a lot of them shared it over social media. I couldn’t be happier with how the ebook was received.

But only the Bible is perfect, and Show Then Tell, not being the Bible, is not perfect.

Two readers kindly contacted me about a historical error in the Titanic illustration. I mixed up two of the people in the account, dragging poor Mr. Cyril Evans’ name through the mud, when it was actually a man named Jack Phillips who ignored the iceberg warnings.

I’m sorry for the mistake, and I hope I’ve caught you early enough to spare you the embarrassment of telling a historically incorrect illustration.

I especially apologize if you have already used that illustration in a sermon that was recorded, is now on the internet, and can never be corrected.

I’ve fixed the illustration, and you can download the updated version of the ebook now.

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  1. Hey, Pastor Eric! =D I’m so delighted to have found out about your “Show Then Tell” ebook. I already downloaded it. Though I’m not a pastor, surely, I’m going to be using it in the coming weeks for the young people that I do Bible Study and Devotion with every week. I can’t thank you enough! May God bless you a hundred folds!

    • Eric McKiddie says:

      So glad that you’ve found it to be helpful! May the word of Christ dwell in you all richly as you study the Bible together.