3 Reasons Your Church Needs Sermon Illustrations

I had the privilege to contribute a post at The Gospel Coalition today. Here’s an excerpt:

“There are several reasons why pastors don’t use illustrations in their sermons. Some pastors leave them out on principle, thinking illustrations steal stage time from the Scriptures. Illustrations, they say, are ear candy to keep people’s attention off their iPhones.

But I would guess most pastors don’t use more illustrations because they don’t come naturally. They don’t avoid them; they just aren’t good at them. If lightning strikes, they will put it into their sermon. Otherwise, they roll with their theologically accurate, if unimaginative, sermons.

In both of these scenarios, pastors view illustrations as unnecessary. The pastor assumes that their church will be just fine without them.

I’d like to argue the opposite. Illustrations are not optional. Your church needs them. Here are three reasons why.”

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