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10 Tips for Your Next Hospital Visit

Pastors should be prepared to minister when they step foot in a hospital room. With someone under your care in frail condition, this is no time to wing it. Visiting someone is not just about what you do once you are in the room, it is about being prepared before you arrive. You might feel […]

The Easier Path to Sermon Illustrations

This is the third post on sermon illustrations that I had the opportunity to write for The Gospel Coalition. (The other two are here and here.) I hope it helps you to write impactful illustrations for your sermon this Sunday! Many pastors find illustrations to be the most challenging part of preaching. Challenges can seem […]

10 Productivity Experiments for Pastors

Pastors are busier than ever, but I’m pretty sure our ministries are not more fruitful than ever. How can we aim what we spend our time on toward what will be most effective for our ministries? How can we cut out what is least effective for our ministries? Since we’re both busy, I’ll cut to […]

5 Ways the Sin in Your Heart Shapes Your Ministry – From Paul Tripp

Paul Tripp, in Dangerous Calling (pp .119-120) lists five ways that our ministry is affected by what rules our heart. Do any of these apply to you? Do any of these not apply to you? “It is very difficult in ministry to give away what you do not possess yourself. In ways of which you are not always aware, […]

How 6 Faithful, But Not-Famous Pastors Prepare Their Sermons

Last week I surveyed how long well known pastors – like Keller, Piper, and Driscoll – take to prepare their sermons. The discussion in the comments was fantastic. One commenter, Andrew, posted an interesting thought: “This was really interesting. I’d also be interested to hear a similar breakdown from faithful, small church pastors. May give […]

Do You Hide Behind “Ministry Talk”?

Pastors love to talk shop. Conversations about church initiatives, structures, programs, and events crank up our adrenaline. Our body heat rises in theological conversations, debates over how to take a pivotal phrase in a verse, or discussions about the latest viral blog post. I call this phenomenon “ministry talk.” It’s not necessarily a bad thing. […]