3 Ways Expository Preaching Combats Biblical Illiteracy

biblical-illiteracy-expository-preachingFrom my monthly article at Pastors Today:

“Biblical illiteracy is a widespread problem that manifests itself in several ways. The basic nuts and bolts Bible knowledge of key stories, people, and concepts is much less common. People have little patience for the parts that are difficult to understand, let alone the parts that are clear and offensive.

What are you going to do about this, Pastor?

If you are the primary preaching pastor of your church, you may not have time to teach a Bible study methods class for your church. You may not have time to disciple some members one-on-one in biblical interpretation. The primary focus of your time and energy, rightly spent, will be given to your Sunday sermon.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you have less of a platform to raise your church’s Bible IQ. The pulpit is the bow of the ship; it points in the direction you are leading like nothing else that happens at the church. Your Sunday sermon provides an integral opportunity to fight biblical illiteracy in your church, especially if you will give yourself to expository preaching. Here are three ways…”

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