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How to Preach on Controversial Theological Subjects

In regard to preaching unpopular doctrines, such as election before some audiences, future punishment, depravity, and even missions, before others; one comprehensive rule maybe given, be faithful and fearless, but skillful and affectionate. John Broadus, On the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons, p. 25.

5 Common Small Group Myths

This is a guest post by Steven Lee, Pastor of Small Groups and Community Outreach at College Church in Wheaton, IL. You can follow him on Twitter at @5tevenLee. What you believe about your small group will dictate how you approach potential problems when they arise. If you buy a house knowing it will be […]

4 Reasons to Start a Mid-Week Sermon Feedback Meeting

From my article this month at Pastors Today: Pastors need feedback in order to improve their sermons. But helpful feedback on your sermon is hard to come by. To fill this need for brutally honest, educated, and constructive feedback, I suggest you start a mid-week sermon feedback meeting. Every Wednesday several of us on the […]