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13 Email Tips to Keep Your Inbox Under Control and Get Things Done

For many of us, email is a work killer. We have enough work apart from our inbox inventory to keep us busy for weeks. And that work is usually much more important than what pops up in our inbox. I am one month into a new pastoral role, and one of the most notable differences […]

10 Apps I Couldn’t Do Ministry Without

If you’re looking to boost your productivity this week, here are ten apps I use all the time, and highly recommend to you. I use a MacBook Pro, so many of these apps are Mac only. 1. Accordance What it does: Accordance is a Bible software program that puts the most important references books from […]

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting the Important Stuff Done: A Diagnostic

Have you been struggling to devote your energy to what has the biggest payoff in ministry? Has time in the Word, in prayer, and with people been shuffled to the corner for more urgent tasks? Maybe you’re busy all day, but nothing important seems to get done. From my own experience, when I don’t accomplish […]

How to Read 200 Blog Posts in 20 Minutes

You should read blog posts like you’re following directions on Google Maps. I use the Google Maps app on my iPod Touch (waiting for iPhone 5 from Verizon) when I don’t know how to get where I want to go. In the course of the trip, many places grab my attention, but most are irrelevant to […]