Blog PhotoHi, I’m Eric McKiddie – husband, father of three, and Pastor for Gospel Community at Chapel Hill Bible Church in Chapel Hill, NC. This blog is about doing the work of pastoral ministry. I started Pastoralized in order to help two kinds of pastors:

1. To help theologically oriented pastors who want to grow in effectiveness, productivity, and leadership.

2. To help not-so-scholarly – but very efficient – pastors who want to grow in their ability to handle the Scriptures and develop as theologians.

When I started as a full-time pastor, the demands of ministry provided a crash course in wedding the academic and practical sides of pastoral work. I have been intentionally working toward combining the two ever since. In this blog, I record lessons, tips, and mistakes from my own journey toward becoming a pastor-scholar who can work efficiently and effectively.

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Before coming to Chapel Hill Bible Church, I served as jr. high pastor at College Church in Wheaton, IL for almost five years. Before that, I taught the 9th grade Bible class at Heritage Christian School in Indianapolis. I’ve earned degrees from Moody Bible Institute (B.A., Bible and Theology) and Wheaton College Graduate School (M.A., Biblical Exegesis).